1. A savvy, deeply experienced marketing professional very accustomed to working with Fortune 500 advertisers, C Suite executives, leading agencies and analog and digital media companies.

  2. Comfortable collaborating across a diverse assortment of partners.

  3. Skilled at managing strong, enduring agency/client partnerships with outstanding marketing results.

  4. Extremely well-connected in the worlds of advertisers, agencies and media companies.  He is actively involved in numerous companies across a spectrum of disciplines that includes agencies, marketing service providers, analytics companies and digital media companies.

  5. Well-regarded, proven leader in the area of demonstrated ROI on marketing investments.

  6. Experienced at integrating analog and digital marketing programs which leverage state-of-the-art targeting capabilities.

  7. A unique understanding of how advertisers, agencies and media company executives think and work. I know what their concerns are, what motivates them and I speak their respective languages.

  8. A very flexible business model incorporating on-site support as well as remote collaboration. Will tailor any engagement to meet a prospective client’s unique needs.

  9. Objective – 100% solution neutral. Only motivation is to make clients more successful employing whatever tools make sense at a particular point in time.

  10. Deeply engaged and involved in the world of startups in the digital universe serving on boards of directors and advisory boards of numerous service providers including advertising agencies, digital media companies, marketing analytics companies and publishers.