BridgeTwoWorlds provides value-added services supportive of your efforts to develop best-in-class marketing communications processes and outstanding customer experiences for your brands.  Our involvement can help you produce better work (including less rework) and highly measurable results. 

BridgeTwoWorlds adds value in one of 3 ways:

  1. Developing people and processes (education, training, encouraging knowledge sharing/collaboration).

  2. Identifying actionable opportunities to meet business objectives by gaining increased customer-specific consideration, conversion, satisfaction, loyalty and sales through more effective use of digital communication resources.

  3. Measuring the results (ROI) of your marketing investments.

• Operational Review

BridgeTwoWorlds can identify ways to reduce your marketing program expenses and personnel costs while protecting the core activities that will enable your company to survive a downturn and prosper. BridgeTwoWorlds brings significant experience and an organizationally neutral perspective.

We will:

  • Review existing marketing activities across your company and provide an overview of organizational structures, numbers of FTEs and accountabilities


    • Concurrently conducting quantitative and qualitative research with your key stakeholders (e.g. marketing service providers, recipients of those services, revenue producing line of business leaders, etc.).

    • Determining levels of customer satisfaction with existing resources, structures processes and results, for each key stakeholder group. 

  • Provide you with a high level competitive analysis of marketing organization structures, processes, roles and responsibilities.

  • Work with a small selected work group to:

    • Present the findings and results of the research and analysis.

    • Facilitate ideation sessions to develop recommended operating structures reflective of organizational capabilities and changing market realities.

    • Document final recommendation(s) including projected savings.

    • Present results to senior management.

    • Provide actionable suggestions about how to implement the changes.



BridgeTwoWorlds can help you develop a well-rounded Marketing ROI system. The first step in this process involves a review of:

  • Currently available data from internal and external sources

  • Existing data sources, IT systems and information gathering processes that can support ROI measurement.

Subsequently, we will suggest actionable system improvements based on measurement objectives and available data sources. When appropriate, we will identify outside suppliers to assist with information gathering and measurement processes.

As part of our approach, we can help design a working ROI dashboard to support decision-making, and identify opportunities and potential obstacles to developing an enterprise-wide ROI measurement system.

• Continual Process Improvement

To survive and prosper, virtually all businesses depend on incremental and systematic improvement paying close attention to the marketplace, and persistent promotion of their brands, products and services.

Being mindful of your operating realities, BridgeTwoWorlds can:

  • Identify opportunities for incremental and systematic process improvement by using your system’s current resources more effectively.

  • Offer specific actionable suggestions for making process improvements by using newer digital media resources.

  • Identify opportunities to increase sales by improving the consistency of communications while reducing the number of steps in existing channels to close a sale.

  • Identify alternative channel marketing strategies to close a larger number of sales.

  • Identify ways to make your communications processes with agency suppliers and other channel marketing partners easier and faster, with the objective of  completing projects more quickly with less rework.

  • Suggest ‘digital experiments’ or pilot projects to support your efforts to identify and evaluate new communication approaches.

• Ongoing Project Assistance

You may have an idea you want help bringing to life, or need assistance moving an existing project along, or help salvaging or reinvigorating a project that is missing its targets.


• Global Knowledge Sharing

In virtually every part of the populated world, digital media communications has geometrically expanded the number of ways a business can reach current and prospective customers with relevant messages, to increase revenue. This knowledge of what works (and doesn’t work) can be tremendously valuable and shared easily if it is encouraged in the right way. Also, very importantly, your colleagues in other markets can share what they think they do well and be recognized for it, which in turn makes them more open to learning new, useful things from others. Everyone wins. 

BridgeTwoWorlds can help you help you identify what your organization is already doing well in various parts of the world, identify points of general agreement among system stakeholders for further development, and can provide actionable suggestions about how to develop a global knowledge sharing system to help you put good ideas to work faster, and also avoid costly mistakes.