In January 2009, Jim joined the board of directors of leading ad network company, Burst Media, as a non-executive director.  In April, 2011, Burst Media was acquired by blinkx. 
In November, 2009, Jim joined the Board of Advisors of the marketing analytics firm, MarketShare, Inc

Also in 2009,  Jim took on the role of Chairman of Canoe Ventures’ Advisory Board. Canoe Ventures was a joint venture commissioned and funded by the six largest cable company operators in the United States (Bright House Networks, Cablevision Systems Corporation, Charter Communications, Inc., Comcast Corporation, Cox Communications Inc., and Time Warner Cable).  Based in New York City, Canoe Ventures combined the operators’ research, knowledge and resources to deliver more value to advertisers including a focus on addressability, interactivity, effectiveness, accountability, and rich data.  Jim also served as a strategic marketing consultant for Canoe Ventures from 2009 – 2012.  Jim’s work with Canoe ended in April, 2012 when Canoe’s owners chose to change the company’s focus from developing Interactive Television  to a much narrower focus on Dynamic Ad Insertion in Video on Demand streams.

In 2010, Jim took on the additional role of chairing  Digitalsmiths’ Advisory Board. Digitalsmiths is a video discovery company which develops and deploys tools to: create, aggregate and distribute large amounts of metadata about highly specific information contained in video footage.  Most of this metadata is time-based - i.e. knowing how long a specific actor is on scene, knowing what scene(s) occur at specific times.  Knowing subject matter of a scene.  knowing how much of a script in a tv show/movie is drama vs action, etc.  These are examples- many more actual types of data.  All of the data Digitalsmiths captures is available as raw data as well as packaged for specific uses such as search, recommendations, programming guides, advertising, etc.  Digitalsmiths has a unique video search utilizing time-based metadata as well as standard metadata that can be integrated to existing applications.

In March of 2010, Jim joined Evidon as an advisor.  Evidon, has since been selected by the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) to power its Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising., Evidon (formerly Better Advertising) enables a more trusted environment for everyone in the online ecosystem. It gives businesses an easy, standard way of providing evidence of compliance with industry guidelines, and consumers more transparency into, and control over how their information is used online.  For more information, visit
In early 2011, Jim was appointed President of the Media Audit Council (MAC).  The Media Audit Council is a non-profit organization of US media auditors created to help clients and agencies better understand the types and advantages of media auditing. Media Audit Council member companies bring advertisers an independent evaluation of your largest budget line item - Media. We simplify the complex world of media planning and buying utilizing powerful tools and techniques to help you improve and maintain media value and efficiencies in the long term.  In late 2011, the Media Audit Council fielded a survey of marketing and procurement professionals to uncover trends, challenges and best practices in the area of conducting media audits.  At the ANA Advertising Financial Management conference in Boca Raton in May, Jim presented the results of the survey and participated in a panel discussion on the subject of media audits. For more information about the Media Audit Council and the executive summary report from the survey, please visit www.mediaaudit

In the spring of 2011, Jim joined BridgeTwoWorlds advisor, Sarah Fay, as Co-Chairs of Linkable Network’s  Advisory Board  Linkable Networks  bridges the gap between credit/debit card loyalty and digital advertising in a way that is seamless and simple for consumers.  Linkable Networks has built the first platform converting banner, text, video or mobile ads into Card Linked Offers (CLOs).  Card Linked Offers are the next generation of digital advertising.  A seamless savings experience for consumers, CLOs offer a leap forward for Financial Institutions' customer loyalty programs and a completely new form of digital advertising.  Linkable Networks Gateway is the bridge between advertisers, consumers and financial institutions, delivering pinpoint targeting and accountability for online and mobile advertising.

In 2012, Jim partnered with BridgeTwoWorlds advisor, Sarah Fay, on two significant consulting engagements. One with Southwest Airlines to assist with Media Planning and strategies and another with the marketing communications agency Erwin Penland to review and assess their go-to-market strategy and effectiveness.