BridgeTwoWorlds is a resource for marketers actively interested in gaining an improved ROI by exploring more innovative solutions to bridge traditional analog marketing activities (network television, i.e., ABC, NBC, CBS) with digitally driven communications technologies (i.e., internet, social media, gaming, mobile).
We believe more tightly integrated, holistic marketing communications efforts lead to a higher ROI on less investment, by reaching high value customers in more meaningful ways to complete sales more quickly while concurrently building brand equity and loyalty.

A great frustration of senior marketing executives is managing to stay knowledgeable about changing digital communications media available today – this sense of falling behind fosters the creeping sense that one is doing things in the same old way, getting diminishing returns, while there are better alternatives readily available. This frustration is exacerbated by the fear that competitors are forging ahead with emerging marketing approaches and seizing tactical and strategic competitive advantages by reaching customers in more meaningful, relevant ways.  Virtually all marketers feel increasing pressure to demonstrate ROI on all their marketing investments – current economic conditions suggest this pressure will continue to intensify.


BridgeTwoWorlds plays an organizationally neutral role in identifying actionable ways an advertiser and its agencies can collaboratively work together to bridge analog and digital activities and get a better financial return for their time and effort. (Often, this involves keeping what works and leveraging it with new digital resources to extract better results.)

One of the most compelling reasons a prudent marketer would want to pursue these activities in a more appropriately aggressive way is that some emerging digital technologies offer the opportunity to make solid creative ideas work harder and produce better measurable results.


Better work. Better measurable results. More engaged, motivated and smarter employees.

Captured and retained knowledge of what works – continuous improvement of the marketing mix. Greater confidence. Better predictability of ROI.

Successful change depends on a combination of awareness, understanding of the alternatives, and a willingness to act.